Highly Polymerised DeoxyRibonucleotides, sodium salt, long structural fibers (HPDR or Integral DNA)

For over 30 years, Javenech has extracted Integral DNA from a sustainable wild fish milt with its proprietary manufacturing process. The milt comes from a wild salmon which is already used for the injectable API Protamine.

Based upon Javenech’s proprietary industrial extraction process, the double strand of DNA is preserved and its natural spatial structure is maintained. The average molecular weight from 1 to 3 MDa (about 2300 bp). Javenech can also supply a lower molecular weight DNA upon demand (0,1 to 1 MDa).

Thanks to its medical properties, this raw material has been used in several drugs (oral and injectable) as well as cosmetic and nutraceutical applications which have been proven by many publications (available upon demand). It can also be used in different biochemical purifications and Diagnostics.
In addition, Javenech’s DNA is completely biocompatible and biodegradable.

Not only can Javenech supply Sodium DNA, it also has the availability to produce other salts depending upon the final application (Calcium DNA, Magnesium DNA, Zinc DNA, Copper DNA, Arginine DNA, Lysine DNA, Histidine DNA, Cysteine DNA)