A blend of EPI V collagen and Highly Polimerized DNA combinig the benefits of these two natural raw materials in one single product.

This composition comes exclusively from the sea (jellyfish and salmom milt) without any addition or intervention of other products of animal origin. The HP DNA is an extract of wild salmon milt. The collagen is a jellyfish (Rhizostoma Pulmo) extract from the Atlantic Ocean. These two polymers are essential to life itself.


  • Moisturizing and skin hydration
  • Antioxydative properties
  • Absorbs UV light (260 to 280 nm), precisely light that destroys DNA in human cells
  • Reinforces UV filtering activity
  • Reconstruction of damaged skin
  • High film forming properties
  • Increase cutaneous tonicity and elasticity
  • Helps organize the extra cellular matrix