HPDR cosmetic grade

Javenech produces a cosmetic grade DNA called HPDR that has many interesting cosmetic properties that have been proven by a large number of scientific publications.

We obtain HPDR according to strictly controlled conditions and therefore the molecule complies with precise physico-chemical criterion which insures that it doesn’t contain inactive depolymerized parts.

The results of the toxicological studies and in addition, the absence of viral contamination, allow for very safe use. At last, some of the acknowledged pharmacological and clinical properties can be of interest to the cosmetic industry.

The following is a brief summary of the advantages of the HPDR molecule in cosmetic formulations:

1. Hydration properties
2. Anti-oxidant Activity
3. Anti-peroxidizing Activity
4. Inhibition of Elastase
5.  Healing Activity
6.  Partial Protection Against Diffusion of UV Radiation
7.  Stimulation of Collagen and Proteoglycanes Synthesis
8.  Stimulant activity
9.  Time Release Carrier of Active Ingredients
10.  Fixation of Heavy ions of Lead and Cadmium